Property Rental Tips for Geo Bachelors in Norfolk

Geo bachelors in Norfolk, also known as geographic bachelors, are simply those military personnel who choose to have their family in a different location as compared to where they are serving. This is an unofficial term and is commonly used by military personnel only.

Keep in mind that this term will not apply to individuals who are separated from their families as a result of the military’s decision, such as when they receive orders to move to a different base. Therefore, these individuals usually look for affordable properties that they can rent off-base.

Find a Decent Real Estate Agent

Because Norfolk attracts so many military personnel, the first thing that you need to do is to find a decent real estate agent who has experience in dealing with military personnel. They will be able to show you different properties that are affordable and are suitable for the lifestyle of geo bachelors.

It’s important that you let them know your budget and explain any requirements such as how far you want the house to be from your base. They will then look for a decent property.

Ideal for Military Personnel

These products are geared towards geo bachelors in Norfolk, so you might want to talk to your real estate agent and figure out how far they are from the base. It’s best to negotiate and bring the prices down as much as possible because many military personnel also have to worry about their family back home and take funds out for them as well. To know more please contact Boardwalk Realty and Development.