Preparing to Move into Clemson Off Campus Housing in South Carolina

When you first enrolled at college, you may have moved into a dormitory and share a room with another student on campus. These accommodations may have given you the chance to learn how to live on campus successfully and network with other first-year students.

However, now as a second, third or subsequent year student, you may have lifestyle needs that cannot be accommodated in the dormitories. You can instead prepare to move into the convenient and nearby Clemson off-campus housing designed for upperclassmen.

Living Independently

When you move into one of these apartment homes, you need to ready yourself for living independently. You will not have a resident advisor to handle challenges as you did in the dorms. You also will not have a desk attendant to help you with problems like being locked out of your apartment.

To live successfully as an independent student, you need to think and plan ahead. You should make sure that you have keys to get in and out of your apartment and the number of emergency maintenance on your phone in case of after-hours crises like a flooded toilet or gas leak.

You also need to buy your own furniture when you move into one of these apartments. They will not be furnished for you as your dorm room was when you move into it. Find out more about Clemson off-campus housing by contacting The Reserve at Clemson.