Prep Your Garage for Epoxy Flooring in New York

Homeowners today are choosing to add an epoxy flooring to their garage floors to make those floors look better and to help protect the garage from damage. There’s plenty of design options to choose from, so homeowners can get the exact Epoxy Flooring in New York they prefer. Before the work begins, there are a few things the homeowner will need to do.

Clear Out the Garage

Everything that can be moved should be removed from the garage so the floors are clear and ready for the epoxy. Store all items elsewhere during the flooring installation and until the floors have completely cured. If anything is placed on the floors before the epoxy has fully cured, it could get stuck and dried to the floor. This will cause damage if it’s moved in the future.

Clean the Garage Floors

The garage floors need to be thoroughly cleaned so the epoxy will stick to the cement. Start by sweeping the floor, and use a shop vac to pick up as much as possible. For harder, stuck-on dirt and debris, use a pressure washer and let the flooring dry thoroughly. Any dirt or debris that is on the floor when the epoxy is applied could cause issues and will likely be noticeable as the final coating will not be smooth and clear.

Degrease the Garage Floors

Once the garage floors are cleaned, use a degreaser to ensure there is no grease that could cause issues with the epoxy. Use a stiff brush when applying the degreaser, then rinse the flooring thoroughly with water from a hose. Make sure the degreaser is completely rinsed from the garage floors, then allow everything to dry before the epoxy will be applied.

Though it looks fantastic in the end, applying Epoxy Flooring in New York does take some work. Homeowners will need to make sure they’re prepared for the epoxy to be applied to ensure an even, smooth finish in the end. To learn more about epoxy flooring or to schedule a time to discuss your options, visit the website for the Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation now. They can help you make the garage look the way you prefer. You can also visit on Facebook for more information.