How to Know When to Use Herbicides With Triclopyr

by | Nov 22, 2023 | Economy and Business

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Taking care of your lawn and garden can be an enjoyable experience, but if you’re dealing with pesky weeds and woody plants, it can become tedious and frustrating. Herbicides are a practical solution to this problem, but choosing the right one can be a challenge. Luckily, herbicides with triclopyr are highly effective against broadleaf and woody plants. In this guide, we’ll highlight when you should use triclopyr-based herbicides and provide tips on how to use them effectively.

Types of Plants to Target with Triclopyr

Herbicides with triclopyr are a great option for targeting broadleaf and woody plants. Some examples of broadleaf weeds are dandelions, clover, and plantain. These types of weeds tend to grow rapidly and can spread quickly throughout your lawn or garden. Additionally, woody plants such as shrubs and trees, can be difficult to uproot, especially if your lawn or garden has tough soil.

How to Use Triclopyr on Brush or Woody Plants

To use triclopyr-based herbicides, you’ll need to spray it directly onto the woody plant or brush. Brush or woody plants are those that have hardened bark, like shrubs or trees. When using herbicides on these types of plants, it’s important not to spray the solution too widely as it could harm other surrounding plants. Instead, focus on applying it only to the parts of the woody plant that you want to kill.

Safety Precautions to Take

Herbicides with triclopyr should be used with caution. It is recommended that you wear protective gear like gloves and a dust mask while handling the herbicide. Also, keep pets and children away from the area you’re working on until the solution has dried off the lawn or garden.

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