Housing Options for College Students in Minneapolis, Minnesota

New Apartments for Students in Minneapolis, MN

When you study at a university or college in Minneapolis, you can easily find a modern apartment near the main campus. Comfort and privacy will be some of the most important factors in the selection of your housing for short-term living. Some student living in Minneapolis, Minnesota, will be available in urban districts that have private parking facilities and easy access to public transportation. Bicycle racks and bicycle lanes should be readily accessible near your apartment complex in the heart of this major city of MN. Students living in Minneapolis should also include premium amenities for the ultimate convenience, such as integrated laundry machines and Wi-Fi networks. Furnished apartments in this bustling metropolis usually include plush sofas, large tables, dining sets, and minibars with high chairs. Additionally, your private bedroom might be already furnished with a large bed and computer desk.

On-Site Facilities and Amenities

When renting student living in Minneapolis, you could enjoy several premium on-site amenities at no extra cost. For example, the climate-controlled fitness center should have plenty of exercise stations for full-body workouts. You can always warm up at the common lounge with a fireplace. After all, Minneapolis experiences frigid conditions during most of the winter season. However, some student complexes offer heated outdoor swimming pools that are open only for the summer season. Basketball and tennis courts also provide seasonal recreational opportunities at your student-friendly residence.

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