Finding the Best Gun Range Near Me

Not all gun ranges are created equal. There are indoor and outdoor ranges, ranges equipped with firearms or not widely available for shooters to try, and ranges specifically for practice or training drills. Because there are so many different options, consumers may be asking, how to locate a Gun Range Near Me, as well as what type of range is the best fit for the desired type of firearm use.

How to Find a Range

If you’re one of those people wondering how to find a Gun Range Near Me, one of the simplest ways to find a range is to search the internet for the closest locations. However, depending on your search settings and location, that can provide too many options and too little information. The National Shooting Sports Foundation has a directory of shooting ranges on their app. Here, one can filter by distance or by type of shooting activity available.

Narrowing Down the Best Fit

The best range for any day depends on the desired shooting activity. Outdoor shooting ranges are more common in rural areas and are likely to welcome a wider variety of firearms for use. This means it more likely to provide ranges not only for handguns but rifles and shotguns as well. It is also possible to find skeet shooting and other shooting activities at an outdoor range.

Indoor ranges are more common in urban areas. Often indoor ranges, like the one described on w, have a range perfect for handgun shooting. They may also have an attached store, professionals who can help train, and handgun rentals. Because rentals are common, this can be a great fit for beginners who would like to learn how to shoot in a responsible environment.

Some Final Thoughts

At any gun range, it is important to be safe and considerate of other shooters. Be sure to bring ear and eye protection, and be mindful of those around. Gun ranges are an excellent way to spend a day, but only if everyone keeps safety in mind. Know what type of firearm the group going wants to shoot, and plan accordingly. Head to an outdoor range for larger guns or a clay range, or an indoor range for handguns or easy access to professional advice.

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