Features to Look for That Ensure the Best Housing for College Students

When it comes to housing for a college student, there are many factors to consider. It has to be a place that makes the student feel comfortable and able to focus on their studies while allowing parents to know their child is safe while away from home. The student housing in Springfield, MO, has following features.


A student apartment needs to be located close to the school’s campus. Look for something within walking distance or one that provides a shuttle bus to the university. Lodging also needs to be near other necessities such as stores, restaurants, and medical needs.


Not all students require the same type of living space. Some want to be alone and will do nicely in a studio apartment. Others want the experience of having roommates. One to four-bedroom apartments often includes private bedrooms and plenty of access to bathrooms for added convenience when sharing an apartment.


Be sure to ask about amenities like high-speed Wi-Fi that will be needed for studies. Fitness centers and swimming pools are ideal for exercise as well as socializing. A full kitchen, furnished, living area, and laundry services will make the apartment feel more like home. Some include convenient onsite coffee shops.

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