Exploring Traditional and Floating Hearths in Salt Lake City, UT

Dozens of images may come to mind when you think of fireplaces. Gorgeous river rock hearths are common concepts known for bringing rustic charm to both modern and time-tested living spaces. Stately brick fireplaces have certainly made a name for themselves in homes throughout the centuries. Mantels lined with family pictures and Christmas stockings lined up along them can’t be left out of the mix.

Bringing Fireplaces into the Modern Era

Having said all that, fireplaces have been heading in a new direction over the last several years. Floating Hearths in Salt Lake City UT are becoming increasingly popular. In some cases, homeowners and their designers are skipping the hearth altogether. Either way, there are plenty of ways to place a modern spin on the centuries-old fireplace design.

  • No Harm in Being “Hearthless.”
  • Not all that long ago, hearths were necessary design elements for fireplaces. They helped protect flooring and prevent fires by providing a bit of a safe zone for rogue flames and flying sparks. Thanks to present-day technology and design innovations, hearths aren’t quite as essential as they once were. Going “hearthless” offers a great deal more decorative freedom and creates extra space.
  • Keeping with Tradition.
  •  Though hearths aren’t as necessary as they were in the past, some people are reluctant to give up those traditional designs. With all the materials and design options on the market these days, those who want to hold onto the tradition will find an endless array of opportunities. From old-world style to more sophisticated setups, the possibilities are virtually endless.
  • Meeting in the Middle.
  • Having a fireplace installed certainly isn’t a black-and-white situation. Floating Hearths in Salt Lake City UT provide a middle ground of sorts. Designs for these types of hearths can resemble traditional varieties or be as streamlined as you like. They meld well with the full range of interior design themes without forcing you to choose between modern decor and traditional charm.

Whether you prefer to take a strictly modern approach and forgo the hearth, stick to tradition or choose a floating design, today’s options are a far cry from those of decades past. Fireplaces no longer require hearths, but there’s no rule against keeping them in place. Contact Stone Mountain Castings & Design to learn more about the options at your disposal, and don’t be afraid to add your own flair.