Eliminating Creepy Bugs in the Home With the Help of a Centipedes Exterminator in Mililani

Hawaii only has three species of centipedes living on the islands out of the thousands found globally. Each species has many subspecies. One of the species living in Hawaii, the Scolopendra, will bite humans if provoked. However, people usually don’t encounter this bug because they are extremely reclusive. For any building infested by centipedes, property owners can call a Centipedes Exterminator Mililani has available.

Scolopendra Centipedes

Scolopendra centipedes typically do not come into a house. They need to live in a moist environment because their bodies dry out quickly, so they favor living underground or under rocks. They might invade damp crevices, though. If someone does get bitten by one of these critters, the effects typically include significant pain and swelling at the bite area.

House Centipedes

Usually, the centipedes that invade a home are harmless, but people tend to find these fast-moving multi-legged creatures creepy. It’s theoretically possible to just vacuum up the bugs, but they move so quickly and hide so completely that doing so is very difficult. Instead of trying to manage this problem on their own, household residents may call a Centipedes Exterminator Mililani has available.

Centipedes come into a home for a variety of reasons. If the temperature outside gets chilly, they sense the warmth of the building. On days when the humidity level is low, they’ll sense a moister environment indoors if that is the case. Eventually, the household may need to call a company like Bowman Termite & Pest Management LLC for help.

Preventive Measures

To prevent future infestations, homeowners can take several steps. Keeping the perimeter of the building free of leaves and other organic debris is important. Sealing cracks and holes around the building also will stop centipedes and other insects from entering and will eliminate any problems with mice that may have occurred.

Bringing the moisture level in the home down to an optimal level helps as well. The islands receive a lot of rain, and the ocean spray adds to the dampness. A dehumidifier can be purchased if the home does not already have one. Exhaust fans should be used when showering or bathing and when boiling water. You can also connect them on Facebook.