Contact a Licensed Contractor For Siding Installation In Minneapolis

Don’t settle for a cheap sounding company without proper licensing and insurance to replace the home’s siding. Siding, roof, and windows are the homes first defense against the elements. Homeowners expect these home products to last decades with wide temperature variations, rain, snow, and wind. A less expensive product will wear out years sooner and need to be replaced at great expense. Over time it is actually less expensive to buy top quality exterior products and has a licensed, bonded company with well-trained employees install them.


Siding Installation in Minneapolis must be done correctly so that the products can perform as expected and look great. Each type of siding whether it is cement based, aluminum, wood, or vinyl has installation requirements that must be made. Every manufacturer has installation requirements that must be met for their product warranty to be honored. It is important to hire an exterior contractor who will supply a quality product and then install it with expertise and care. Areas around doors and windows are especially important to inspect.

Siding must be installed properly so that water can not get behind it and be trapped. Areas at the top and bottom of each wall must be finished correctly. The siding around doors and windows must be neatly trimmed, and there must be proper sealing so water can not leak in at these openings. Siding Installation in Minneapolis must withstand very cold winters and hot summers.

Windows And Doors

It is often more efficient to have old leaky, damaged windows replaced at the same time the siding is replaced. Old windows that are cracked, broken, single pane, or double pane with seals broken are not energy efficient anymore. They are letting cold air come in the house in the winter and heat come in in the summer. Replacing these windows along with the siding can substantially cut down heating and cooling costs and make the home more comfortable to live in.

When both the siding and windows and doors are replaced on an older home, it can look new again. It is important to purchase good quality energy-rated windows and have them professionally installed, so they fit properly and don’t allow moisture leaks around them. For additional information go to

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