Concepts That You’ll Address with an Auto Accident Attorney in Silverdale

Washington accident victims have the opportunity to recover damage based on the state’s fault system. Under these laws, all drivers must purchase and maintain at least liability auto insurance. The coverage provides them with funds to cover the medical and auto repair expenses for the victims. An auto accident attorney in Silverdale represents these victims when the insurance company refuses to pay.

Filing Before the Statute Runs Out

The statute of limitations for all automobile accidents in Washington is three years. The victim cannot file any claim against the driver if the limitation has run out. If the victim is unable to file a claim after the accident, a family member should act on their behalf to start a lawsuit. The attorney could work with these individual to seek damages based on their right to sue. After an accident in which the victim is incapacitated, the victim’s family or next of kin has the right to begin the claim.

How to File an Accident Claim

The attorney needs documentation that explains the victim’s injuries and how they were caused. These medical files should identify the severity of the injuries as well as the designated recovery time. If the victim needs extensive treatment or sustained a permanent condition, these requirements must be identified in the claim. An attorney files a motion through the court to start the lawsuit, and the judge must deem the lawsuit viable before a trial date is scheduled.

What Is Comparative Fault?

Comparative fault indicates that the victim shared a portion of the blame for the accident. The fault is identified by any moving violation performed by the victim; however, to designate blame for the accident, the defendant must show that this moving violation caused the accident directly. Among the most common violations are speeding, DUI, and reckless driving.

Washington accident victims have a right to compensation based on their injuries, and typically, these damages include the cost of their medical treatment and auto repair costs. A lawsuit is filed when the driver causes extensive damage and cannot pay through an insurance policy’s coverage. Victims that need an auto accident attorney in Silverdale should contact Otto Law Offices immediately.