Beautify That Exterior With Replacement Siding Installation in Dublin

The exterior of the home is the first thing people see when they arrive. Unfortunately, when the siding on the building ages, it can make the home look run down. Sometimes, it may be possible to hide the problems with a fresh coat of paint, but some siding issues involve more than appearance. For instance, wood siding can rot after exposure to moisture. This usually happens when the property owner forgets about maintenance tasks like cleaning and painting. Fixing this kind of problem will usually require Siding Installation in Dublin because any damaged siding will need to be removed.

There are several kinds of household siding. Many people prefer the look of wood, but wood planks can be a bit expensive. A better solution for many homeowners is fiber cement boards. Fiber cement is a mixture of sand, cellulose fibers, Portland cement, water, and various proprietary fillers. These ingredients are mixed into a slurry and layered onto a form. As the board is formed, the simulated wood grain is added. Each board is cut to size while it is still wet and then cured in an autoclave. This device uses steam and extreme pressure to quickly cure the material and ensure its density.

One benefit to fiber cement siding is the ability to paint it. This allows the property owner to change the color of the home should it be desired. Another reason to consider fiber cement planks for a Siding Installation in Dublin is that this material is very resistant to pests. Termites cannot consume the cellulose in the boards because it is saturated with cement. Rodents also have a tough time chewing through the planks because of the density of the board.

Another possibility when considering replacement siding is vinyl panels. However, this may not be the best choice for every home. One reason for this is that vinyl is not secured directly to the building. The sheets need to float over the structure so they can move when the building shifts. Attempting to secure the vinyl to the exterior wall can result in severe buckling or warping and may even damage the material. Learn more about siding installation from the experts at