5 Benefits of Platelet Rich Therapy in San Diego CA

Platelet-rich therapy, often referred to as PRT, takes a person’s own platelets and then injects them back into certain areas of the body. This type of therapy has been studied for many years but has recently come to the forefront. It is important individuals investigate the benefits of Platelet Rich Therapy in San Diego CA so they will be able to make the best decisions for their health.

Benefits of Platelet Rich Therapy

There are many benefits of Platelet Rich Therapy in San Diego CA. The following offers insight into some of the major benefits of this treatment so individuals will know whether or not they should seek this therapy for themselves.

  • When someone is suffering from a tendon or joint injury, the platelets can be injected into the injured site. These platelets help to promote healing and can help to increase the level of comfort a person feels as they are going through the healing process.
  • This treatment can be used to revolutionize a person’s skin and make them look more youthful than ever before. It allows people to turn back the hands of time without going through invasive surgery.
  • Many people are surprised to learn this treatment can help with thinning hair. When it is injected into the scalp, it helps to heal the follicles and promote new hair growth. With multiple treatments, individuals can experience major hair growth.
  • One of the biggest benefits of this treatment is naturalness. Because it is from the patient’s own body, there are no side effects or major risks to be worried about.
  • When someone is suffering from tendonitis, these injections can be administered to the affected area, allowing for increased healing ability and reduced pain. Because the tendons do not have a strong blood supply, they sometimes need help with injections of platelet-rich blood.

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