3 Useful Tips That Will Help You Sell Your Home Faster in Portland

If you want to sell your home fast in Portland, there are several things you can do to attract more buyers. Even if you are working with a real estate agent, you can help your home gain more attention by doing what you can to increase its visual appeal. Here are a few trips to help you find a serious buyer sooner.

Spruce Up the Listing
Your listing should be passionate and descriptive, starting with an attention-grabbing headline. In the heading, be sure to mention the number of bedrooms and location of the home. The listing should also feature plenty of pictures of the home’s interior. Pictures of the property’s best features will help entice buyers.

Boost the Curb Appeal
You never know how many buyers are combing the streets of your neighborhood, looking for a home just like yours. When you hire landscapers to care for the yard, and touch up the trim of your home with fresh paint, you’ll make the property that much more appealing to passersby. A beautiful exterior will entice serious buyers to schedule a showing or drop by for an open house.

Update But Don’t Renovate
Many people make the mistake of undertaking significant renovations specifically with the intention of asking more for their homes. Unfortunately, that’s not money well spent because a home that’s too far outside the market’s range won’t entice buyers. Instead, make minor repairs to damaged features that could detract from the home’s value. Replacing light fixtures, repairing tiles, and adding railings to stairways will be far more effective in helping you sell your home fast in Portland.

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