Signs it’s Time to Find a Semi Trailer Service in St. Cloud, MN

Semi-truck trailers take a lot of abuse. They need to withstand inclement weather and near-constant wear so it should come as no surprise that eventually even the best-constructed trailers break down. Read on to find out about a few of the signs it’s time to find a Trailer Service in St. Cloud MN before an emergency repair situation comes up.

Tire Issues

There are a few ways to tell that a semi-trailer needs new tires. First, check the tire tread depth and tire pressure. If the tread depth is inadequate or the tires keep losing pressure even after being refilled repeatedly, it might be time to replace them.

Noticeable Pulling

If it feels like the trailer is pulling back and forth while drivers are heading down the road, they should have it checked for alignment problems. If left unaddressed, trailer misalignment can cause uneven wear on tires and eventually make trailers unsafe to tow. The best solution is actually to head to a Trailer Service in St. Cloud MN for periodic preventative maintenance, including alignment checks.

Braking Issues

It’s never safe to tow a semi-trailer that’s having problems with its brakes. Early warning signs of impending brake problems include balance problems like an uneven application of force across the brakes and timing issues. If the brakes on a trailer don’t release at the right time, the rear wheels can lock up and cause its driver to lose control, so don’t put off brake inspections.

Body Component Repairs

If the trailer’s door, wing flaps, bumpers, or other components are damaged they should be repaired immediately. Choosing whether to repair a severely damaged trailer can be difficult. If the body or the frame have sustained structural damage, it’s usually less expensive and less of a hassle to just have the trailer replaced.

The Bottom Line

Whether drivers are looking for preventative maintenance, trailer repairs, or an entirely new trailer, they need to find a trailer service they can trust. Don’t put off necessary repairs until it’s too late to save the trailer. Instead, find out more about one Authorized Dealer that offers full-service trailer maintenance and repairs online today.