A Drunk Driving Defense Attorney in Manhattan KS Knows Which Legal Strategies Are Most Effective

A Drunk Driving Defense Attorney in Manhattan KS knows which strategies are effective at convincing a judge to issue a lenient sentence or a prosecuting attorney to reduce charges. The lawyer looks for problems with the evidence, for example. Men and women often think of other strategies that will not be effective, such as trying to gain sympathy from these authorities.

No Excuses

The judge and the district attorney will not be moved by a defendant’s discussion of how a relative’s death led to a drinking and driving episode. They will not be persuaded to be more lenient if the person talks about being lured by the drinking culture at Kansas State University. These types of comments are just viewed as excuses. In fact, if the defendant is not yet 21 years old, drinking alcohol and driving is likely to result in more severe penalties than would be the case with an older individual.

These people may feel that drinking was inevitable under the circumstances. The Drunk Driving Defense Attorney in Manhattan KS, however, knows that the judge and district attorney believe that getting behind that wheel after drinking is anything but inevitable. If someone is going to drink beyond the legal limit for driving, that person should do so in a situation that does not involve operating a motor vehicle.

When Drunk Driving Causes a Collision

Professional legal representation should be sought when driving under the influence of alcohol resulted in an accident. Although any incident of drunk driving can be answered with a jail sentence, this is more likely for repeat offenders and when the driver caused a collision. The defendant might have struck a utility pole or a building, or ran into another vehicle. Causing property damage or, worse, causing injury to another person, indicates that the defendant was behaving particularly recklessly.

The state takes driving under the influence of alcohol very seriously since accidents caused by these drivers tend to have severe consequences. Fatalities are not uncommon in collisions caused by drunk drivers. Anyone charged with DUI may contact a law firm such as Addair Thurston Chtd., which can be done through the website Addairthurston.com. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!